Monday, September 26, 2016

Langoy Killen / Norway - 07/28/2016

We had the most pleasant stay in Langoy Killen. Outside the bay it was rather rough, but here we were very well protected.
We used the day to explore this island. Nearby was an old iron mine. Inside the rocks it was so bitter cold that the humidity condensed at the old entrance. It was really chilly to stand in front of the gate.
The island is still inhabited, although mostly by holiday house owners and only a few farmers.
The atmosphere was kind of enchanted.
We like the old graveyard and the wonderful forest, which covers almost the whole place.

Langoy Killen/Norway - 07/27/2016

Back in Risør a very nice lady we met at the harbor laundry recommended Langoy Killen to us. It has a very, very, very narrow entrance but the whole bay is very protected. So a good spot for us to stay during the heavy winds of the following days....

Dypsholmen/Norway - 07/27/2016

After the very nice town of Risør, we wanted nature again, so we went for the skerry Dypsholmen. Well with a wood ponton build on the rock, it was not that much of wild nature, but of course the landing was very easy, so no complains here ;-)
Dypsholmen is a beautiful skerry and we enjoyed our stay a lot. But for the night heavy winds from the wrong direction were predicted and we did not dare to stay there, with only the stern anchor to be relied on....

Risør/Norway - 07/26/2016

Risør the "White city of the Skagerrak" is the best preserved wooden building place of Europe.
In former times Risør lived on wood trade. When the wood commerce was moved to Kristiansand the people of Risør refused to move there. Later in the war of 1808-18 many warships started from Risør.
Above the town is a very prominent limestone rock.
Each year in August a wood boat regatta takes place in Risør.
We enjoyed our stay in the lively yet relaxed town a lot :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Furoya / Norway - 07/24/2016

Although we had a good spot for Frida in the harbor of Tvedestrand, we longed for nature and therefore left again in the evening making a short trip over to the skerry Furoya.
Here we made our first campfire of the journey and the children met Norwegian children with whom they played until late in the night.

Tvedestrand / Norway - 07/24/2016

The town of Tvedestrand is also called city of books because of it's many, many bookshops....A boo obsessed family like ours does not need any more reasons to visit a place.
Tvedestrand is a nice place, may be a bit calm, but it way Sunday afternoon when we arrived....

Way to Norway - 07/23/2016

It is kind of a pity that we saw not much of Sweden this year since it is such a beautiful country and nature there. But somehow we were bound to the idea of reaching Norway immediately....
We had a wonderful trip over although there was zero wind and we had to motor all the way over the Skagerrak....
When passing Marstrand/Sweden hundreds of seals swimming out to the sea!
Since the water was absolutely flat we saw a lot of animals: Dolphins, porpoise, different seabirds, seals....
We reached the Norwegian coast about half past three in the morning. It was still too dark and even with our excellent electronic sea charts it was not possible to tell where all the underwater rocks might be. The lights were rather confusing to us....we went in cycles infant of the coast until some daylight came up. Then we drove into the first Norwegian fjord this year and it was just wonderful! The atmosphere was very nordic with mist hanging low over the hills. The air smelled intensely of resin and seasalt. One of the most impressive moments of our journey :-)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Anholt/Denmark 07/20-21/2016

That was kind of an amazing start of our summer vacation this year:
We picked the children up at school at the last day of the school-year at 11:30 am with the car fully packed, drove to Sonderborg, brought everything on board and started right away all the way to Anholt, where we arrived the next afternoon......On top of this I had a very bad cold and Wolfgang stayed up all night. I just got out of the berth like 4:30 in the morning when we came to pass Tuno/Denmark. 

Wolfgang told me that night when he sailed all alone the Little Belt he heard the breathing of about a hundred of porpoise around him although it was too dark to see one of them. :-)

I had the watch until it was about to decide whether to sail to Grenaa, but everything went so smoothly, that we just stayed on the current course and reached Anholt later that afternoon...
Surprise, surprise the harbor was full and we had to moor as sixth or seventh alongside another boat.
It was just the first day of summer vacation and we were already in the Kattegat, which made it a good chance to reach Norway this summer again ;-)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Painted Lady :-)

Two weeks ago we got some caterpillars ordered at Insect Lore. After they became rather obese eating up all the food they brought with them, they build cocoons overnight. We put them out in the garden in a net made container. Yesterday, one week later, they became.....beautiful butterflies :-)

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